I am obsessed with disco balls lit by the sun and the peace that comes from personal growth. I believe there is something spectacular in each of us and am on a mission to remind others of the light within.  

The world tells us to look for answers outside ourselves, to go faster, to do more. It can be difficult to quiet these voices we’ve relied on, but when we slow down, connect with our own intuition and then proceed we develop trust in the voice that will guide us best, our own. 

xo, Kara

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I'm Kara, 
a Defender.

Kara is a wife and mother of 4 and has earned her black belt certificate in American Kenpo Karate, Aiki Jujitsu and Kung Fu. She has performed for large public crowds and has instructed youth and adults through Kenpo Karate and self-defense classes. She is passionate about teenagers knowing their worth and works to be that reminder.

She is passionate about teenagers and mothers knowing their worth and works to be that reminder. Kara loves homes and has designed many rooms. She believes a clean, put-together space will always help contribute to people feeling and becoming their best.

About kara

You are stronger than you realize. 

Just because life is hard doesn't mean
it can't be great.

Deep satisfaction: knowing you did all you could to really show up in your own life.

I believe:

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