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Parenting teenagers can be hard.  
Research shows that NOTHING has more impact in the life of a child than positive relationships.

Looking for a personalized approach to defending motherhood? Work with Kara one and one for 4 weeks for individualized support.. 

One on One

Better outcomes in your life and with your family.


In-depth explanation and teachings from Kara.


Accountability from Kara.


Focused discussion on your personal situation


Personalized coaching from Kara.


Mother Defender ebook. 


The time we have with our kids under roof is measured. The time to show up as a Mother Defender is now. 

here is what's included:

- Clarissa

"These tools have helped me better interact authentically daily with my kids and to be more cognizant of the relationships that I am trying to build with them."


What They're Saying: